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About Me

Hi, my name is Linda.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, ornament maker and best of all Breast Cancer Survivor.  Please take the time to visit my, very close to my heart, Breast Cancer Awareness Page.

My love for ornament making began years ago when I picked up an ornament kit at my local hobby shop.  After I made that ornament and saw how pretty it turned out, I vowed to make enough ornaments to fill my Christmas tree.  Many ornaments later, my Christmas tree was full of beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments.

I have a love for handmade crafts and taught myself many different crafts over the years, but I always returned to my favorite craft – handmade ornaments.  I specialize in Custom Ornaments.  If you have a picture, I can put it on an ornament.  The smile I see when an ornament is made for someone special makes everything worth it!!!

Most of my ornaments are “one of a kind”, but very often I can make it again.  Please, if you see an ornament that is already sold and you would like one just like it, contact me!

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About Us

There is no “us.”  Just me.  I am all in one.  Owner, designer, production, packing and shipping.  I do it all.  I have designed some of the ornaments you will see on my website and some are made from patterns designed by others that I have purchased.   

Our Products

What you will find on my website.  The most important page you will find is my Breast Cancer Awareness page.  This is very close to my heart.  There you will find ornaments made with vintage Longaberger’s Horizon of Hope fabric.  Some of these ornaments have special removeable Breast Cancer Awareness Pins.  Some of those pins are vintage.

My products consist of

  • Finished ornaments.
  • Finished Breast Cancer Awareness ornaments.
  • Memorial Angels that can be customized on the bottom with a name or even a picture.
  • Keepsake ornaments. Wedding, graduation, birthday and new baby to name a few.  I can put pictures on ornaments and/or lettering.
  • Sports ornaments. NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA to name a few.
  • Ornament Kits and Tutorials.
  • Ornament supplies.
  • Tips & Tricks (FREE)

How We Work

There is no “we”.  It is just me.  I do it all and love every minute.  I have a love for designing ornaments, making them, seeing the finished ornament.  Best of all, I love seeing someone smile when I have made them a special ornament.

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