August 2017, As I rolled

August 2017, As I rolled over in bed and touched my breast I was not prepared to find a lump, but I did! Next morning called my doctor n he sent me to our cancer center! There I met with a doctor whom I won’t mention as he had NO bed side manor! When we left appointment I told them I would never see him again, so they gave me a new one for next visit!! He is no longer at our Cancer center! There is so much to go through before you have a definite diagnosis n then lots of preparation, which I won’t go in to detail about as some is no fun! When my surgery was scheduled I was nervous but just wanted to get it done! I was fortunate to be able to have a lumpectomy, but the drain tubes not so great! Okay moving forward they sent the lump to be tested n the surgery had not got it all there was a small margin, so in two weeks I was back in surgery to take more tissue around it n this time he got it all!!! You know through all of this my dear daughter said from the beginning, “Mom we will get through this together n you must stay positive “ well I did n can honestly say I never said why me, just knew I had to get through it! Then chemo n radiation which was not bad for me as I never because sick or had terrible side effects as so many do!! You know as you sit in the waiting room at CC you look at all of the people waiting for treatment n realize you are certainly not alone in this journey n know many are much worse off then yourself! As of this past August 2022 I am delighted to say I am cancer free 🙏🏻 thank the Lord! I do have to were a lymphedema sleeve because of removal if lymph nodes n my dear husband does MLD on my arm everyday so to keep swelling down, which didn’t happen till two years after surgery! Through all of this journey my husband was there every step of the process n not sure I could have done it without him n he is my rock n I love him with my heart n soul!!! Cancer is certainly an eye opener n with all of the things they can do for treatment nowadays it is amazing n I am blessed to have survived it! Our loving children all helped keep me strong throughout the journey also! Just remember GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!!!! Because when I turned 70 medicare would no longer pay for mammogram’s so mine appeared at 74 n now they pay till whenever n if it had been caught early it may have been different but can’t say What if???


  1. Thank you for sharing your Breast Cancer story Phyllis!! Yes, we are all in this together. I am so happy that you are still Cancer free and Pray that you remain that way my dear friend!

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