In 2013 I saw a

In 2013 I saw a funny bump on my left arm above my elbow. Went to dermatologist he said oh nothing. I’ll freeze it off. You’ll need to come back for a second treatment. Which I did. That was in the summer by December I saw it growing back but looking very different, After holidays in January 2014 I saw a new dermatologist as mine had retired. She says looks okay. I said I want you to remove it and send it in. Okay! Two days later I was cooking dinner my phone rang and it was the Kaiser doctor. So I stopped everything and she began to tell me they found Melanoma in my arm. She asked me if I new what that was? And I said yes, it’s cancer. I was in shock!’ I had no idea how my life was going to change from that phone call. I went through treatments for one year and kept getting checked for 5 years. My last pet scan and I was so excited.But I wasn’t so lucky. After my test they saw a lump in my arm. He was in shock too. After they removed the lump it was again melanoma cancer a second time. Unbelievable! But now they had much better drugs. But still it was for a year and right in the middle of Covid-19 and I was taking care of my Mother who had dementia and living with us plus twin daughters. My husband and daughters were a lot of help and support. Thank god for them. I got thru it and now it’s been two years cancer free. Please be aware of your body, if you see or feel something not right inform your doctor. It could save your life! Thank you for reading my journey. Bobbi Krishan

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